Vote For My Snugglebug!!

Yes, OF COURSE I entered my cutie into the Gerber photo contest on Facebook. Please vote for my snugglebug!! I will return the favor if you leave a comment on this post with a link. Thanks!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!

First you have to "like" Gerber's page HERE. If you have already done this ever before, skip this step.

Then, vote for my sweetiepie HERE.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Trash Into Treasure!

I love to go to yard sales because you really don't know what fantastic things you can discover!

A couple weeks ago I found this high chair for $5. Of course it needed to be cleaned up and a new cover/safety straps, but I figured that out.

My favorite model was napping at the time, so her teddy bear had to do.
I still have to figure out hoe to cover up that ugly stuff on the side of the tray... any ideas?

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