Trash Into Treasure!

I love to go to yard sales because you really don't know what fantastic things you can discover!

A couple weeks ago I found this high chair for $5. Of course it needed to be cleaned up and a new cover/safety straps, but I figured that out.

My favorite model was napping at the time, so her teddy bear had to do.
I still have to figure out hoe to cover up that ugly stuff on the side of the tray... any ideas?

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  1. I would do some kind of trim, likes stickers or something cute.

    New follower from MBC :) Hope you get a chance to drop by and say hi!

  2. My son used to have that exact high chair when he was a baby. Although his was the original and had everything original, obviously because it was bought and given to me as a gift. I ended up giving it to a gal down the street who had a baby.

  3. I love checking out yard sales too!

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