Birth Story :)

So, late February 2nd I started getting contractions and they were totally different from what I had felt before. Everyone told me that when you get contractions you know it... and I didn't really trust that until I got them! I certainly knew it. I had contractions regularly all night until about 7 am February 3rd... then they totally disappeared! I was not at all prepared for that because I thought only Braxton Hicks went away and I was so sure this was it! I actually got depressed because my husband had to go back to work. He left about 11am and I decided to distract myself with tv.

Well noon came around and so did my contractions... with a vengeance! By 3:30 my father in-law was rushing me to the hospital and when I got there at 4pm I was already 5 cm. I totally expected the ride to the hospital to be so much different (you know... screaming, crying, etc.) but it was actually pretty quiet. Apparently I shut out the world when I have a contraction. I had to call hubby, who was an hour away, to tell him this was it!

By the time he got there at 6pm, we walked a couple blocks around the nursery and it was time for the epidural. Good thing I asked for it when I did because it took an hour to get all my fluids in before they could put give me the epi. And man! Those contractions were getting pretty brutal. By 9:30 I was fully dilated and we were just waiting for the baby to drop and for me to get the urge to push (never got it actually...) I tried pushing then, but it was no use. An hour later I decided to try again and after an hour of pushing, Lynaea Jane was here!

She weighed 6lb 5.1 oz. (so little but I thank god for it because I felt EVERYTHING... it is called the ring of fire for a reason! Apparently my epi wore off...) and was 19 1/4 inches long born at 11:20 on 2/3/11. The one thing that kind of bothers me is they never told me her Apgar. They just told me she was perfectly healthy and I didn't think to ask. I had a miracle in my arms at the time!

5 days later she was back to birth weight and at 16 days old she is weighing 7 lb 2 oz!

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