I Want a Beer

Don't worry I will wait a few more weeks to taste the deliciousness, but I gotta tell you... I can't wait!

I never used to be a beer girl, but college can, and does, change a person. Lately I haven't been able to get comfortable enough to relax... though all I seem to do nowadays is sit!

A couple more months and counting... then again I'll be breastfeeding so it might be a little longer. All I have to do is build up a supply so that hubby can bottle feed her my saved milk while I also nurse a bottle of a different kind.

I'm looking forward to it as much as children look forward to Christmas... oh yea, I still have to do my Christmas shopping...

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  1. That's funny...I don't drink, so beer wasn't a problem when I was pregnant. But, I was allergic to chocolate during both pregnancies, and that was TORTURE!!


  2. I had an occasional sip here and there. Also after the birth of my son I drank Guiness. It increases breast milk, low in calories and high in iron! Yes I breast fed and drank. If Dr.Jack Newman says it's okay then I did it, LOL!

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