Pelvic Girdle Pain

I've decided that pelvic girdle pain... is weird feeling. I had never heard about it before, though I suppose I should have expected it. It started a few days ago and silly me, I thought I was just sleeping weird. Turns out, it's a totally normal pregnancy experience that I should have been expecting.

Pelvic girdle pain is what happens when the crazy pregnancy hormones in your body make your pelvis ready for childbirth by spreading them. Fun.

Anyway, if you are a newly pregnant woman with her first child on the way, this is from me to you. I don't like being surprised so maybe you don't either. Oh, and if you are standing in a hot room and you get dizzy... that's your blood pressure. Sit down and you'll feel better (though you should tell your doctor in case it's more serious than you know)

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