Time to Accomplish Something

Tick tock. So the New Year is coming and it has me thinking, like every person on the planet, about what I hope to achieve in 2011. I'm hoping that making my list public will push me to do them all, so here it goes!
  • Read all of the physical books that I own and get rid of the least important ones cluttering my house. (I got a Nook for Christmas!!)
  • Be the best mother I can for Lynaea
  • Get rid of any stretchmarks that I got while pregnant
  • Get rid of the baby weight
  • Get back to Freshman year of college weight
  • Finish the first draft of my novel
  • Join a group of some kind that meets at least once a month to keep me social
  • Get the courage to talk to people who knew my mother so that I may know her better as well.
Wish me luck! Happy New Year everyone!!

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