3rd Shift Poses Dangers to Women and Their Unborn

My husband's new job is third shift for the moment and I was considering adopting his sleeping pattern to get more time with him. I was thinking I might mess up my baby's sleeping pattern, but it turns out the dangers are much more severe.

You would think that as long as you are getting the proper amount of sleep and you were eating healthily at the correct times that nothing else would be affected. Wrong. Hormone production gets screwed up and this leads to the health risks.

Women who work third shift (especially during their first trimester) are 50% more likely to deliver a premature baby. 50%!

Also, the production of the hormone melatonin gets screwed up and this leads to a much greater risk of developing cancer (breast cancer is a major one connected with working 3rd shift).

I never knew this before, but I'm so glad that I do now! Tell all your female friends and family members.

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