Ironic Stretchmarks

Turns out I think that my Tummy Butter really does work! Why do I say this? I have been putting it on since I have been about 3 months pregnant and it had been going well for a while. I put it on all the places I thought I would get stretchmarks. This led me to skip the very fronts of my hips and the very middle of my booty. Where has this gotten me you ask?

I have no stretch marks except for in those two places.

You better believe I have started to lather them up, but now all I can hope is that the butter will catch up to my stretching skin and lighten the ones I have. I'll let ya know how it goes.

So the moral of the story is: even if you don't think you will get stretch marks on _name a body part_ use tummy butter there anyway. Because if you don't your body will laugh and stretch that skin to mock you!

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  1. Beautiful blog here! I love the 'look' of it! :)

    Stretch marks... I have 'em and haven't thought about 'em for a while now. I was always told that no matter what cream/gel/ointment/whatever you use, stretch marks can happen anyway. And I was pregnant everywhere (no basketball under the shirt for me!) so I got stretch marks everywhere (well, just about). I hope the Tummy Butter does help, but wear them proudly if it doesn't. Very few things can go through the kinds of transitions our pregnant bodies do and not come out massively changed!

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    ~ Sweet Mummy
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