Freecycle, I'm in Love With You. Sorry Hubby.

Have you ever heard of I hadn't until a couple of days ago when a friend told me about it. Think of craigslist on a smaller scale, but everything is FREE. I'm not joking.

You join a group that is the area you live in and people post things they are giving away or things they want. I have seen everything from couches to high chairs to styrofoam blocks (don't ask) being given away. The only thing you have to do is contact the offerer and pick a time and place to pick up the stuff! Of course, you provide the transportation of the items.

If you are looking for something specific and you need it fast, I might post a "wanted" message in the group just in case, but also check craigslist and ebay because you never know what will be posted. If you have time to acquire things, then this is for you!

Tip for those of you who decide to join your local freecycle group: opt to have a "daily digest" of the messages from the group. If you don't, an email is sent to you every time someone posts something and it gets overwhelming! With a daily digest, you get a daily compilation of everything posted.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Hello from Six in the Nest!

    Thank you for finding and following me!

    Jenilee from MBC

  2. Stopping by to follow from MBC! So glad I did... this sounds like a great resource. :)

  3. I've been using Freecycle to give and get items since 2003. Love it! I'm following you back.

  4. I thought Freecycle was a great idea... So i tried signing up but they denied me and said that it was a final answer!! I could not understand why and then recently I met a member who said that they had a lot of drama in the freecycle program where I live and prolly thought that I was a banished member... I was sad that I could not participate!!
    Following from MBC. I look forward to your post!